Press Release

London, 17 November 2017

knk Business Software has joined the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) as an associated member.

“This cooperation allows us to display our profound knowledge of the industry and the challenges laying ahead“, says Carsten Krause, Managing Director knk UK. “The PPA supports its members in sharing experiences, knowledge and know-how with each other and we are glad to contribute. In a global economy it is a necessity to share experiences and best-practice solutions beyond borders.”

knk has been a member of FIPP for several years, however the increasing demand for knk’s consulting services and publishing software that is focused on the needs of today’s digital publishing industry, calls for a broader stance in the UK market. knk’s Social Listening, Machine Learning and Marketing Automation solutions, integrated into Microsoft’s 365 platform, are getting publishers ahead of the market.

About PPA:
The PPA represent and supports almost 250 companies, ranging from consumer magazine publishers to business-to-business data and information providers, customer magazine publishers and small independents. Whether on the page, through a screen, or face-to-face, their members create professional, influential content that resonates with target audiences and drives real action. As the voice of professional publishers for 100 years, the PPA is committed to ensuring our members have the tools to evolve into dynamic, multi-platform media companies. All their work is underpinned by the many fora working groups and committees that form the core.

About knk:
knk develops and markets knkPublishing – the only Microsoft certified publishing software in the world. knk is member of the Association of American Publishers (AAP), FIPP (the global association of periodical media), many other international media specific groups and associations, and is a Microsoft-certified Partner (with five gold certifications: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Application Development, Intelligent Systems, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Platform (SQL). knkPublishing is used by over 150 publishers in North America, Europe and Asia and based on the latest web- and BI-technology.