Features of knkMedia2023R2

This is a brief update on the new application features in knkMedia2023R2. We have already reviewed the operational improvements (the ability to run knkMedia2023R2 and all subsequent releases in the Azure Public Cloud) in the prior article. For users operating knkMedia in the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud, Copilot and Power Automate will also be available.

In addition to all that, and to better represent the markets that we serve, we have rebranded knkPublishing as knkMedia. We feel that because the software contains rich functionality that supports Media and B2B businesses, as well as traditional book publishers, that knkMedia is a more fitting name for the products previously known as knkPublishing.

The following application features were made available in this new release. For more details on any of these features, please contact your knk support staff.


Improvement of license contract release

  • Upon release, relevant data is automatically reviewed, and issues are collected in an error log. The user can use the log to help process the errors and then successfully release the contract.

Non-editable fields on the contract card

  • After releasing a license contract, fields are now clearly marked as non-editable. The user immediately recognizes that the contract has the status “Released“. Error messages that previously occurred when trying to enter data on a released contract are avoided.


Reduction of zero-valued ledger entries in royalty accrual journal

  • Previously, when creating royalty accruals (calculating the royalties), accrual journal lines were created for every item/content in the royalty contract that had a price, even if nothing was sold.
  • Improvement: Now, only a single zero-valued ledger entry is created of those items/contents without sales for informational purposes. Other accrual ledger entries are only created for the items/contents actually sold in the invoicing period.
  • Benefit: Fewer accrual ledger entries for a more succinct overview.

Improvements in the Ad and Subscription Module


  • In most cases, this time-saving pre-selection is possible with a simple click or by pressing the “Enter” key.
  • When selecting an issue through a look-up, the upcoming issue is automatically preselected, eliminating the need for several clicks.

Improved verification of customer accounts

  • When posting the Magazine Shipment Journal, blocked delivery recipients are now transferred to a collective error log and no longer prevent the journal’s posting.
  • This means that the shipment can take place immediately and bypassed recipients can be further processed in the error log.

Filter Plus

  • FilterPlus tiles are now integrated into all role centers by default.
  • Improved usability due to a standard set of filters.
  • More flexibility with new visualization options.
  • Standard out-of-the-box filters allow you to quickly create your own filter tiles.

Media Distribution/Back Orders

  • Orders created by resolving backorders can now be released automatically.
  • No further confirmation is required when changing a sales order to a backorder.

Financial Accounting

  • Update posting date independently from document date (complies with proper accounting principles).


  • When invoicing a license contract, the system reviews whether there are still unposted documents relating to the contract, to prevent duplicate postings.
  • When creating licensing quotes or contracts from a contact / customer record, the contact and customer data is populated in the quote / contract.
  • Dimensions of license contracts are now attached to the royalty accrual journal’s licensing ledger entries by default. Enables better and simpler evaluation of dimensions and accruals.