Press Release

Morristown, January 2018

Concordia Publishing House has signed a contract to implement the publishing software knkPublishing.

knkPublishing Editorial Office and Production (including the knk Media Library and Metadata Management), Rights and Royalties, Book Order Management, and Subscription Management will replace existing publishing and CRM systems at Concordia. The publishing house will leverage knkPublishing’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to meet Supply Chain, Finance and Accounting functional requirements.

“The goals of the project are to implement today’s industry best practices in one system and to select a product and partner that would strengthen Concordia’s ability to embrace new technology and industry developments in the future”, adds Dr. Bruce G. Kintz, President and CEO of Concordia Publishing House. “In implementing knkPublishing, we will design more effective and efficient processes. The tight system and data integration will enable Concordia to serve our customers from initial customer contact, order processing, warehouse and shipment to invoicing.”

Throughout the project evaluation phase and the upcoming project, the Concordia Steering Committee will play an important role to ensure project progress and success. The Steering Committee of Concordia Publishing House consists of Karen Capps, Executive Director, Production Control & Quality, Steve Harris, Executive Director IT and Collin Bivens, Director Finance.

“We chose knkPublishing because it provides an integrated solution that supports all our standard requirements in one system. We feel strongly that with knk’s future-proof software, their extensive understanding of the publishing industry and tight partnership with Microsoft’s latest technology, the knkPublishing technology will be the heart of our business systems long into the future”, states Karen Capps, on behalf of the Concordia Steering Committee.

“Before the official project start we conducted detailed workshops with the Concordia Publishing House team in order to commonly define schedule, assigned resources and budget. It is great to work with such a dedicated team and we are looking forward to doing this project together”, stated Sven W. Wischhusen, CEO of knk Software LP.

About Concordia Publishing House:

Concordia Publishing House, established in 1869, employs around 200 people and ships more than 700 orders a day. The company is a nationally recognized publisher offering churches, schools and individuals over 8,000 products and services. The mission remains the same as it was 148 years ago – to strengthen and aid member congregations of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod in proclamation of the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. Concordia Publishing House was awarded the 2009 Missouri Quality Award and was recognized by the President of the United States as a 2011 recipient of the National Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award.

About knk:

knk develops and markets knkPublishing – the only Microsoft certified publishing software in the world. knk is a member of the Association of American Publishers (AAP), FIPP (the global association of periodical media), many other international media specific groups and associations and Microsoft-certified Partner (with five gold certifications: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Application Development, Intelligent Systems, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Platform (SQL)). knkPublishing is used by about 150 publishers in North America, Europe and Asia and based on the latest web- and BI-technology.

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